...my passion of Makeup

IMG_1390Carlotta Nuti is a professional Hair and Makeup artist, who lives in London. Carlotta Nuti grows in Italy, in a businessmen family of the “Made in Italy”, and she is active in very important cities, such as Bologna and Florence.

Her passion for the makeup artistry becomes stronger day by day very quickly: Carlotta Nuti first moves for few months to Miami and later to the London (UK), where, in April 2013, she start studying and developing a new makeup knowledge and techniques at “The London school of Beauty and Makeup”.

Thanks to this first experience in the makeup environment, Carlotta Nuti understood through many subjects (fashion, beauty, hairstyling, Special Effects makeup…) which way to choose in order to develop her techniques in the Film and TV  makeup field.

IMG_0276In the September 2013, Carlotta Nuti decides to attend an advanced makeup course at the prestigious school “Delamar Academy of Makeup”, situated inside the cinematographic Ealing Studios, in order to improve her skills and specialize in casualty and theatrical makeup. In addition to this, she had the chance to extend her knowledge in other interesting and additional techniques: advance hairstyling, wigs, facial hair, prosthetics, and much more.

Since the beginning of the course in the 2013, Carlotta Nuti has already launched her Makeup artist carrier working in makeup Teams during the renowned charity Fashion shows such as Young Designer Award UK 2013 and Ms Curvaceous UK 2013. In addition, Carlotta Nuti offered her collaboration to testing photo shoots around London and to a video shoot in Standford.

My passion of Makeup

slide2-work-in-progress“As usual circumstances, my passion for makeup artistry started as a hobby, but then it became such a strong and intense passion that I wanted to turn it into my profession. At “The London school of Beauty and Makeup”,  I could fulfil my dream to start studying more in depth this subject in different fields, which became every day more fascinating end challenging. In my opinion, it is almost impossible to improvise to be a Makeup artist, because becoming a professional one, it’s the result of a really hard and demanding journey: you need to study, experiment, test yourself, work hard, be determined, fall down and stand up again full of energies and show what you can really do to help the team. Along these lines, the makeup artistry became my linking point between many other passions that I have: travelling, the film and TV industry, fashion, photography, the feeling to test myself with different personalities, the chance to meet new creative people, ways of thinking and different cultures. And certainly, London is the perfect city to begin with, where the opportunities for young people don’t run out. This city isn’t forgiving, but I love to feel the competition around me, because it gives me incentives to carry on and don’t look back.”

Makeup doesn’t have to hide a woman, but it should emphasize her beauty and personality.

IMG_1832When I started applying makeup on my friends, I felt I was just getting a touch of the beauty and makeup world and I figured out that, if you work well and you have the knowledge, the person that you are making up is gonna feel herself more as a “woman”, which means she’s gonna like herself more and, thanks to this, the others are gonna like her more as well. I think is clear that the look  is the first impression that someone can show of him/herself, a little step to show how much you care about yourself, who you really are with the addition of a big smile. What it is important to me, in every kind of occasion, is to know how to improve what someone already owns. It’s essential for a Makeup artist to make sure to give more confidence to women and men with the right touch of makeup and hairstyle, which are imporatnt elements to the artist/person in order to get better into the charatcter in films or just to feel fresh and natural having a dinner with friends.”

Makeup in films – How I am experiencing in action my job

“I had the great chance to do some experiences in the fashion and theatre industry, but I am definitely fascinated by the film  world. It’s definitely an extraordinary feeling to have the chance to work in a film production and to succeed in creating from nowhere a character that can give life and a deeper sense to the script and the all storyline mood. Makeup hasn’t the only goal to improve a look but it can “transfigure” the latter in an original and IMG_8647special way: it’s extraordinary indeed learning how to turn someone in someone completely different or even “ruin” what’s beautiful of your phisical features . In fact a good makeup artist needs do some research about the cause of the injury or understand deeply the background of the character reading the script as many times as necessary and it’s always suggested to plan the makeup fist on a face chart, especially if it is very elaborated in oder to have a clear idea without missing any deatils. This is what I learned during my courses and what I am experiencing on set by myself.
During my personal “workshop tests” I had lots of fun in practising and experimenting what I was considering a full of mystery and magic in the past: bruises, cuts, scars, bourns, swellings, etc. (go on “Workshop” to see more!).
In my opinion, the organization in this job is essential! The makeup team, in which you might work, is like a machine full of “inner workings”: each one is very important to the others and the powerful the machine becomes the more special the result is going to be for you and for the team. “Team work” is the key word! The harmony among the team is what’s needed to succeed in working impeccably. I had the chance to experience this feeling in the fashion industry, but now I hope one day I can be an precious team addition to a Makeup Department on a big film production.”