by Richard Gallagher
The Questors Theatre, Ealing, W5
Acting Company: The Questors
Role: Makeup and Wigs

After this amazing experience,  I have finally realized what does it mean working in the backstage of a theatrical company! I am a “theater lover” and i can just remember when i was going with my grand-mother to see musicals, dramas, comedies every weekend. She is the one who remembers how curious I was to see what was happening behind the setting, the curtains.
Finally I had the chance to experience for real that imaginary idea that I had. Well, the reality is definitely over the fiction! I felt immediately “at home”, as if I belonged to that world. Thanks to the amazing cast i felt at ease and I could know all of them much better because I was working in close contact with them. I could understand their needs and take care of them insomuch as I became a friend and a “reference point” for them. I was so happy and satisfied after the show, because in my heart i knew that I was small section of something bigger. This is what makes me feel so proud: I grew up with nice people and i could handle fears that won’t come on my way anymore!
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