MTE4MDAzNDE1NjE4MDYxODM4“MALEFICENT” – THE MOVIE has had an incredible success around the whole world. The Disney story, which filled with dreams and wonders millions of children, is now became even more real and enjoyable by the revisited story of Maleficent directed by Robert Stromberg.

This time, the Disney story becomes even more interesting and “less fairy tail”, because the center of it is the evil character, the witch called “Maleficent”, played by the talented Angelina Jolie.

Interesting choice made for the main character, Angelina Jolie, to play a scary and evil witch, that maybe was always imagined by children ugly and without a background behind her personality. On the other hand, Angelina Jolie seems to inhabit the role of Maleficent completely and the “breaking down” of her character makes all a different flavor to the story itself.
MTE5NTU2MzIxMjkxNDM3NTc5A talented and dedicated team of Makeup artists, in which joins also A. Jolie, puts together ideas in order to create a character who is both beautiful and terrible at the same time.

The final result is absolutely successful and the transformation of Angelina Jolie is stunning, bringing Maleficent to life.
Here there are few makeup secrets  used by incredible SFX/Prosthetics artists, such as Arjen Tuiten and Toni G :

The Prosthetics: the first features which stands of Maleficent are those hyper-chiseled cheekbones. The SFX makeup artist Rick Backer with the help of A. Tuiten and Toni G. made out fantastic pieces to apply on Angelina . She ended up with cheek prostheticsa subtle nose piecepointy ears and sharp molars.

MTIxNDI3MjkyODcwNTEwMDkzThe Perfect Skin: In the movie poster, the skin colour of Maleficent is very pale, but in the actual movie it’s more “human” shades. For instance, the product used on Angelina Jolie is the MAC Select Cover Concealer stipple with a wet sponge on the skin.

The Red Lips: After many lipstick colours’ tests, the team accorded to use the MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipglass in Anthurium. Toni G. estimated that they used 3 tubes during the all shoot.

The Eyes: Toni G. was inspired by the colours of the labradorite stone, a mineral which has a swirly, metallic, oil-spill finish.

Applying and Removing MTIxNDI3MjkyODcwNTc1NjI5process: According to the makeup artists, it took 3 hours to apply the makeup and 1 hour to remove it every day. Toni G. used Kiehl’s Blue Astringent in order to prep A. Jolie skin properly, removing all extra oil, because otherwise the silicone wouldn’t stick. The team removed everything at the end of the day using a mix between coconut and argan oil.

I am gonna leave you to some “Behind the scenes” of this magical movie, in oder to understand the hard work behind this process:




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