“Thanks a lot for recomending Carlotta to us. She has been a pleasure to work with and a great addition to the team. There is no doubt she knew what she was doing and we will definitely keep in touch. Unfortunately I am just a student trying to make projects for everyone to benefit form the experience, but If I hear of any paid job, I will definitely recommend her!”
LOUIS BERNARD, Actor/Producer/Writer in “The Spin” and “Margam”

 “I confirm that Carlotta assisted me as a trainee make-up artist in the crowd room on the set of the short film, “Fingers”. She competently made-up the supporting artists for the 1960’s crowd scene.
She was very enthusiastic and helpful on what was a busy day.”
PHILIPPA JOHNSTON, Hair and Makeup Designer in “Fingers”

“I have worked with Carlotta on a couple of different short film projects over the last 11 months. I have found her to be confident, innovative and reliable. Carlotta is a quick learner, team player, works quickly and efficiently yet still with great attention to detail.

Carlotta is very passionate about her career and I look forward to watching her continue to grow as a makeup artist and I will hope that we will work together again in the near future.”
LEE MOORE, Hair and Makeup Designer in “Delusional” and “True Seeing”

“My name is Ali Reith and I have been working in the film industry as a head of department make up artist for the last four years. Having worked with Carlotta on a couple of productions, I can honestly say what a true delight and pleasure it has been.
Carlotta has assisted me on a couple of shoots that were (to say the least) very demanding. Night shoots at weeks at a time, inclement weather and very demanding short notice requirements were the order of the day that many make up artists would run from.
Carlotta faced these challenges with gusto, without question and did exceptional work above and beyond the call of duty. Carlotta would be an asset to any make up department as her enthusiasm and willingness to learn easily makes her a great team member to have.

Carlotta is a very good listener and also is not afraid to admit to mistakes and asks for help which, in my experience, is only a good thing. Carlotta is new to the industry but her enthusiasm and working attitude will see her go very far indeed. Of which I am very certain she will.”
ALI REITH, Special Effects Makeup artist and Makeup Designer in “Margam”

“I worked with Carlotta on my short film `People who Steal Clothes from Clothes Lines`. She was the lead Make-up Artist and also did sfx make-up for the cast in the film.
I found her to be professional and a passionate person to have on a film set. I know Carlotta to be a woman of strong personality. Her ability to communicate easily and effectively and establish a definite rapport with people has resulted in happy film production. Carlotta dedication and enthusiasm of her make-up are well recognized. I found that she motivated the cast and crew to give their best. She proved reliable and dependable in this task and enthusiastically took the lead in getting the cast ready for the takes for shooting a scene. She is a hard worker and her motivation, discipline contribute to Carlotta’s success.
I am confident Carlotta will be a valuable asset to any film production and I recommend her without reservation. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.”
MARK FORBES, Writer/Director/Producer