Final Project: Icon Look

Marilyn Monroe (1950s)

Foundation: Mac Face and Body foundation
Concealer: Dermacolour concealer palette
Powder: Mac translucent powder
Eyebrows: mac eyebrow palette
Eyes: Mac white eyeshadow, greysh eyeshadow on socket line, white eye pencil on waterline, Mac black track as eyeliner, false eyelashes, mascara
Lips: Mac lipliner, Mac “Roobi Woo”
Blush and shading: Mac shading palette (grey/brown color), Peachy blush on cheeckbones.

– side parting
– sectioning
– use small tong for each section and pin it with a sectioning clip
– let the section get colder
– take up the clips
– dress up the hair

Curiosities about the look:

1) eyebrows: in the 1950s, the eyebrow’s shape was quite rounded, creating an arch.
they were thicker compared to others past eras.
2) Eyes: if we check carefully a pic of Marilyn, we can notice a sort of shadow under the bottom lash line. It is a fake one, created in order to make the look sexier and glamorous.
3) Marilyn lips were fuller and in the phots we can notice a light color in the mid of the lips to make them look even more fuller
4) Beauty spot complete the look